Our mission

Mission of Atlantic Global Asset Management joint-stock investment fund is to promote development of financial technologies which will bring new level of freedom to world financial markets and will allow people to find out new previously not experienced level of capital storage and complete confidentiality of bargains.

AGAM fund is unique because we are combining global approach with consideration of peculiarities of local markets.

Our strategy

We will purchase the innovations and financial technologies from promising startups from all over the world. Special attention is paid to Asian and developing markets because this is where technology breakthroughs take place.

Work with successful companies and startups: asset management, support in preparation for ICO, consulting on financial management.

Support of innovations: implementing the financial technologies, investments and potentially successful startups, transition from traditional payment means to modern ones.

Active work with all popular crypto currencies of the world, application of blockchain technologies.

Effective management by means of maximum application of technologies: our advanced system of personal account management helps to perform all necessary transactions online and this does not require significant human resources, and that`s how we are minimizing expenses and increasing profit.

Extensive experience of work on financial markets

Our fund was established more than 10 years ago, among our partners – biggest companies all around the world. We are dealing with development and support of only the most promising high-tech projects.


AGAM fund pays special attention to all the latest financial technologies. Our specialists have a good understanding of blockchain technologies and prepare companies for ICO. We work with crypto currencies, such as bitcoin, on equal basis as with main world currencies.

Own bank

Large Asian bank owned by AGAM fund allows us to preserve security of personal data of all our investors, ensuring them with fast and problem-free processing of transactions.

Effective risk management

Advanced technologies of big data analysis allow us to foresee all possible risks, keeping investments of our clients safe. This as well allows us to earn money under conditions of crisis.

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