Blockchain will turn the Internet into the world's largest stock market

With the development of modern technologies, including fintech and blockchain, as well as the growing popularity of ICO, in the near future the Internet can turn into the world's largest exchange. According to analysts of the Atlantic Global Asset Management fund, the number of investors in the network will grow at a rapid pace.

Even today, in order to invest in a promising start-up, you do not need to have significant capital. The entrance threshold for investors has significantly decreased; there are offers on the market for those willing to invest even 100 US-Dollars, or even less. 

The process of collecting investments for young companies has become easier. They do not need to go through a lengthy and expensive process of preparing for an IPO. It is increasingly replacing by ICO - a simpler but no less reliable solution.  

Another advantage of investing in networks is the ability to work with crypto-currencies, which are a good tool for investing funds.