Separation of Bitcoin and its impact on the crypto-currency market

Over the past few weeks, bitcoin's volatility has significantly increased against the information on the impending separation of the basic crypto currency. The course has been floating, causing cautious comments from market participants.

On the 1st of August, there was a division of the bitcoin into two currencies, due to the need to speed up the bitcoin payment system.

The developers have proposed a new approach - Segregated Witness (SegWit), the essence of which is that the information can be taken out of the chain of blockchains, moved to separate files. This will clear a space for new operations and increase their speed.

Some experts believe that SegWit is only a temporary solution to the problems. In addition, SegWit will reduce the impact of the miners on the market, as less and less information will pass directly through them.

A compromise solution was found - SegWit2x, which proposed the issuing of information beyond the framework of the blockchain and raising the limit up to 2 MB. After that it was announced the launch of a new crypto currency - Bitcoin Cash.

The new crypto currency Bitcoin Cash has similar characteristics to the usual bitcoin, with one exception: its limit is increased up to 8 MB.

Experts at Atlantic Global Asset Management are not going to predict the success of the new crypto currency. But now it becomes clear that in case of support of large partners, Bitcoin Cash will become a revolution in the world of bitcoin.

Atlantic Global Asset Management will actively monitor the development of events to assess the reliability of Bitcoin Cash for its partners.

In conclusion, it should be noted that even the possibility of a Bitcoin Cash failure will not completely destroy the bitcoin community. In the near future experts expect the jump in the bitcoin course, as well as Ethereum.

We carefully follow the events and will provide you with the latest information.

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