Why do we need crypto-currencies: advice for novice investors

Despite the fact that in the last year the world is talking about crypto-currencies, and the cost of bitcoins in information tapes has taken on an equally important place as the price of oil and other resources, many investors are still afraid to deal with them. Experts of the Atlantic Global Asset Management are confident that very soon the crypto-currencies will become the same usual means of payment as ordinary money, and maybe even supplant them.

The A.G.A.M. fund has prepared a brief certificate on crypto-currencies, designed to convince investors that this tool should not be afraid, on the contrary - they should be actively used.

Two most common crypto-currencies in the world are bitcoin and etherium. In recent years, they have demonstrated incredible growth rates. So, bitcoin since 2011 has grown by 25000%. Any resources do not show this level. The etherium also beats records, gaining 2700% in price since May 2016. 

Another advantage of crypto currency is reliability and anonymity. The technology of blockchain, which lies at their basis, makes it completely impossible to steal funds by hackers. At the same time, complete anonymity is ensured - no one can relate the wallet to its real owner.

Thus, being a reliable and convenient means of payment, crypto-currencies can be considered as a tool for investment.